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PortaSystemic Shunting?

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An alcoholic man is scheduled for surgery to ameliorate his esophageal bleeding. In order to decrease the venous portal pressure in the lower esophageal veins, it is most beneficial to join the portal vein to which of the following veins?

A- Gastroduodenal
B- Splenic
C- Inferior Vena Cava
D- Left gastroepiploic
E- Superior mesenteric
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C- inferior vena cava
The idea behind this question

In addition to the common knowledge that we all have that the inferior vena cava should be shunted to the portal circulation, this anatomical question is asking us to delineate which of the options are in fact in the portal system and which one is part of the systemic circulation (only inferior vena cava in the options).
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