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Hi All,

I hope I'm not breaking forum rules by posting this (I don't think I am)...

We are a small publisher based in the UK. We publish a great little stats book entitled Medical Statistics Made Easy which has been the #1 bestseller in Epidemiology and Medical Statistics on Amazon over here for just about forever!

The book is c 120 pages of the key medical stats students and professionals should know. We have always sold a reasonable number of copies in the US, but nothing like the sales we get in the UK and Europe.

We have just received a 5 star review on Amazon US saying: "The best medical stats book out there. Great for USMLE STEP 1-3."

So, we are wondering whether it really is ideal for the USMLE. (Could it be for example that the book is ideal but misses out because it doesn't mention USMLE anywhere?)

To help us find out, I was wondering whether any of you out there would be happy to review the book for us? I am happy to give a free copy to the first five respondents. In the interests of fairness you should post your comments here too.

Probably the best way to proceed will be to reply to this post - I will send a copy to the first 5 respondents. You probably don't want to post your address in a forum, so we can sort out the arrangements by PM/email.

Best regards

1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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