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Guys I going to start my prep soon for step 1, following are the material that I will most likely use
1. Embryology - high yield
2. Histology - high yield
3. Neuro anatomy - high yield
4.Gross anatomy - high yield
5. Physiology - Brs
6. Biochemistry - KLN
7. Pathology - pathoma
8. Immunology - CMMRS
9. Pharma - KLN
10. Behavioral, genetics - KLN
11.FA+ Uworld + Kaplan Q&A
Plus Kaplan 2010 videos
Do you think I am going overboard, should I remove / add some books.people who are almost end of their preparation and those who have already appeared for the step 1, their experience will be very well appreciated.

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calm down !!

have you ever seen a jack ass excited ?
That's how you appear to me.

Calm down . Much of what you are saying involves reading the same things from different sources. What's the advantage ?

FA is everything. Read KLN to help you understand and complete all the topics. Do UW . Then do FA again . Now do NBME until you can cross 200 .
Now you ready to write.

To the FA add pages with notes or add notes into FA or both .

Don't be an excited jack ass.

Good luck , handsome.
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