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As Interview Season continues to unfold, you’re probably thinking about what kinds of questions you’ll be asked, how to best prepare your answers, and what technical components you need to make the most out of virtual interviews.

Common Residency Interview Questions
Make sure to visit Match A Resident on YouTube for our InterviewPrep Series that covers strategies for answering several commonly asked interview questions:

- Tell me about yourself

- Why are you interested in our program?

- Why did you choose this specialty?

- Tell us a little more about the red flags mentioned in your Personal Statement

There are also videos to help ensure you are polished, prepared, and intentional.

Practice Makes Perfect
Impressing your interviewers is about more than just having well-prepared answers – the way you deliver them is important too. Beyond 24 residency-specific learning modules, our Premium Interview Prep service offers weekly group sessions and personalized AI feedback for your recorded responses, including:

  • An analysis of your pacing
  • Use of filler words
  • Overall vocabulary
  • Eye contact

Your Virtual Interview Set Up
You’ll want to consider several factors when setting up for virtual interviews:
  • Background: Quiet, clean, interesting/neutral
  • Lighting: Well-lit, flattering
  • Camera: High-quality, appropriate angle
  • Sound: Clear quality
  • Wi-fi connection: reliable
Read our blog Guide to Acing your Residency Interviews for more details.

You can also gain insight into past and current applicants' experiences interviewing with specific programs by signing up for a Match A Resident Customized Program List and accessing our exclusive interview feedback today!

Don't forget to use our free Interview Manager and Rank Assist tools to stay organized and record your interview reflections immediately after each interview experience. To access these tools, register for an account.
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