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form 186 rejection

hello doc,

hi this is dr. himanshu . i have graduated from lugansk in 2011. i got ur mail id from usmle forums u r also from lugansk , ukraine . plz can u help me out? recently i received mail from ecfmg stating they were unable to process the application due to deficiency in form 186. the sign and seal of the official didnot match.
as u too are from lugansk can u tell me:
1. whose sign and seal did u take on the form? ofcourse the official might have changed or may be the same?
2. on the form they have stated print name of the official , did u take the print out of the copy after filling the form or he just filled it in the hand written format.

3. the seal bearing the name of the official and university would be in russian , did ecfmg accept it ?

it is not possible for me to chk all these things at personal level . even my time is also running out i have taken july- sep slot..

please reply me .

awaiting ur reply,

thanking you.


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