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Hi all,
I met some problems with student consult site. I use this site for path questions which were given after buying Goljan RR path.
It started March 15. They offered test AMSA (as advertisment as I understood) , I undergo all the test but after pressing on the button "submit/grade" I received an error page with
"request.session exams_taken_id not defined. Error submitting exam. Code 808"[SIZE=+1] :confused:
Then I tried to answer them by the contact form - it doesn't work too :mad:. And it gave me whole page of errors, codes etc.

I thought OK I just will work with path questions they work OK. But I started "heart" area and first question I met was strange... Question about congenital malformation in 1month baby of the urinary bladder (urachal cyst), and they give you 5 diagrams with water balance (from water/electrolyte disorders) correct answer about CHF... :rolleyes:
I sent them couple messages by e-mail - no answer until now.

Does anyone has problems with this site?
Is it error only in one question or it is general working problem with site like data base etc? It is means - Can I continue work with questions or I need to wait when they resolve their site's problems?

Additionally I use Win 7 and browser Mozilla Firefox (no problem with Kaplan online, and didn't meet any problem with student consult before).

Any comments, suggestions?

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