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I met a PD in my IVs this year as I am applying. I asked him the specific question "Why do you prefer fresh graduates over old graduates?".

Here's his answer;
Who said that! I personally prefer experienced old graduates because they will make me sure that they'll get the job done perfectly. However, the issues with old graduates are those of physical fitness, grandiosity and unwillingness to learn, and long fixed "wrong" style and practice. If I clear these things from a candidate then definitely I am interested in looking at his file.

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this is absolutely wrong

This is absolutely true.
Old grads are facing more and more difficulties year after year
this is absolutely wrong
b/c u r an AMG GRADUATE i have seen many AMG grad, who are misdirecting IMG.
to get in residency depends on may factors.
yr of grad. is also count but definitly it is not a big deal ,if under 38ys or 5 to 6 yr after graduation.
its filter in some programes, not all.

have u idea about what i said.laithbv
i also invite others to comment

sweet girl u have still hope

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Every year numerous "older graduates" secure multiple interviews and MATCH.

The response from the PD is a popular one and key words tell you what they want and dont want to see from "older graduates"

- "experienced old graduates"
- "get job done perfectly"
(Consistent clinical experience: completed a residency program, extensive hands-on US clinical experience, completed a fellowship or pre-residency, or worked as a physician.)

One of the worst things an FMG/IMG can do is dedicate 2-5 years to the USMLEs without maintaining consistent clinical experience.

Dont Want:
- lack of "physical fitness"
- "grandiosity and unwillingness to learn"
- "fixed "wrong" style and practice"

We have helped many "older graduates" become competitive residency applicants and MATCH. If you are willing to meet the expectations "older graduates" can compete with "fresh graduates."

Best - Victor
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