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A 20 year old woman has one month history of double vision, a two weeks history of slurred speech and difficulty chewing and swallowing food, and a one week history of weakness in her neck. Her symptoms are most pronounced at night. Ptosis in both eyes is exacerbated with sustained upward gaze. Eye movements are restricted in all directions. She is unable to hold her arms in place for more than 10 seconds when they are abducted at the shoulders. Which of the following is the most likely location of a lesion?

A- Upper motor neurones
B- Lower motor neurones
C- Neuromuscular junction
D- Myocytes in skeletal muscles
E- Myelin in peripheral nerves

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Ptosis Correction

Ptosis can happen in both children as well as elder people. Ptosis can be classified as the following types:
• Neurogenic ptosis
• Myogenic ptosis
• Aponeurotic ptosis
• Mechanical ptosis
However, this issue can be corrected with applying some natural remedies, no matter how old you are. Tyr these ingredients to prepare the remedies: cucumber, chamomile tea, aloe vera, grapes, ice cubes and lot more. These informations have been collected from:
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