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Do you think that a Qbank should be equipped with a search function?

  • Yes

    Votes: 10 83.3%
  • No

    Votes: 3 25.0%
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I noticed that all qbanks including Kaplan, USMLE World, USMLERx, and USMLE Consult do not have a search function.

The explanation in these qbanks is a great study material and often we want to go back to that great question which explained the concept in a great way. But when we don't have a search function it's impossible for us to find the question that we are looking for!

A search function would have made our lives easier

Would do you think?

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I will tell you a trick to work around this issue

Keep this a secret and don't tell the qbank makers about it :)

Whenever you see an explanation where you think you might wanna go back to it save it in your computer as a picture.

How to do that?

while viewing the answer in your computer Click on the Ctrl and Print Scrn keys simultaneously then go open Paint (Windows>Start>All Progrmas>Accessories>Paint

In Paint click edit>paste

then click save as> in your local hard drive

Of course name the picture in a title similar to the explanation content

This way you can then go back to your pictures folder and look for the specific picture you want later on :D

This will not allow you to search the qbank but even it will allow you to save the qbank and not bother at all with your subscription expiration :D

Note that this is against their rules so if you ever do then at least keep the pictures for yourself and don't share it with others.

And yes, don't ask me to send my pictures I will not send it to anybody :rolleyes:

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USMLEWorld does provide a search function, have a look at this screenshot
Rectangle Font Screenshot Parallel Number

However, unfortunately that search is limited to the question ID only and we cannot search by keyword. It is certainly cumbersome to record in a separate note each question that we return to later on by writing or typing down its ID.

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I'll tell Kaplan

They should really add this search function
I know some folks who rely on qbanks entirely for their crash prep without reading any other material, if this is available it would really make their life easier.
I will contact Kaplan regarding this
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