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So turns out my school doesn't participate in electronic verification so it's going to be a huge hassle for me.

I plan on taking my Step 1 in december 2016. I am an IMG from India but living in USA and have basically no one back in India so I have to coordinate with my medical school while being a few thousand miles away.

I was wonder if I could start my verification process with 327A at the sametime i send in my Form 186. So that once , I am done with my steps I dont have to coordinate anything with college and be certified right away. Have I got that right or Am I missing something here?

My understanding is you need 186 and 345 to give exams and 327A to be ECFMG certified. So If I send in everything together, will it streamline the hassle on my part?

Also does anyone know how much time it takes for a college to enroll in emswp? I am trying to convice my college to do it, I just need to know the time duration if I am going to benefit from it.
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