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If this is the wrong place, feel free to move it or whatever.

I'm a foreign medical graduate (U.S. Citizen) from a school in India. I failed Step 1 once and then got a poor passing mark the 2nd time. I passed CS on the first attempt. I failed CK twice (the second time, I'm not sure what happened since I scored 250+ on two NBMEs before taking the exam), but I am going to take it a third time.

I know I'm not going to be able to match this year since I only have around 2 months of university level psych research, but I wanted to know if anyone knows if my situation fits into any range of psychiatry residencies out there. I've resigned myself from any big name cities or even middling cities, but it would be encouraging to hear from people with better insight.

I'm planning on spending October 2015-September 2016 doing more psych research and seeing if I can get psychiatry externships (even if its through a paid program).

I'm not asking for any false encouragement. If I'm screwed, just tell me lol. Thanks.
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