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I have 5.5 weeks until my test and I am still 20 points away from my goal score. Took NBME 12 two weeks ago, and NBME 11 yesterday - only went 3 points (1-2 more questions right)

I am not sure why I'm not improving. I have done UW 1x and First Aid 2x already, planning on doing most of Kaplan Q Bank these next two weeks with FA chapters, and UW in evenings. Does anyone have any advice on how they improve in between practice tests?

and for retired NBMES. I have taken 4 casually, 11, and 12. I will be taking 13,15,16,17,18 the last three weeks before my test (doubling up), and UWSA1 next week and UWSA2 the week after. I was going to take two more NBMES with the UW. Is it better to do NBME 7 and 6 vs 1 and 2? or should I take NBME 13 and stuff earlier?
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