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question:-is undergrad degree a prerequesit for applying a residency program in ny state for an IMG ???

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i have been hearing that the IMG require some undergraduation degree or 60 credits b4 applying for residency ......i am still a med student i just did 1 yr of my undergrad and went to a Caribbean med school did premed down there though it was for like 1 semester ..... so need help!!!
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Please clarify

I can't really understand your question.

Are you saying that you cannot apply to residency programs in New York if you have not yet graduated?
I don't think that's true.

Thousands of IMGs get into residency without undergrad degree. The Middle East and Africa and Europe do not have undergrad system. They just go to med school right after high school.

There's no such thing as they won't be accepted into residencies.

The only thing is that in ERAS, there's a form that have to be filled for undergrad degree but they clearly mention that if you are an IMG and you don't have undergrad degree then leave that form blank.
No you have no problem with that
They don't care how you got into med school they just care that you are in med school and that's it
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