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Quick way in preparing for USMLE Step 1

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I heard that doing questions only like Kaplan Qbank and UWorld Qbank only is enough to get over 85 in USMLE Step 1.
Is that true, did anybody of you tried this approach?
I am really thinking to do it because I have only three months before I can take the exam.
Your help appreciated.
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Actually, this method is only recommended for people who have studied from a US med school. They only use FA and question banks and score well. But again it depends on your amount of "starting" knowledge, I suggest to get a an idea about the exam, do a practice test from See how the material is tested, and how much you need to perpare for the exam. There is no way you can answer the behavioral science questions unless you are a US med school student.

You have three months which is enough to study for this exam.So I suggest you get kaplan books supplement from other resources like FA, Golijan, HY etc, and then do questions to see how you need to apply this knowledge and then later on how well you understand the concepts.This test is about understanding and bridging concepts, not spewing memorized facts. Plus these questions are rarely repeated.

There are a lot of veterans on this forum who can share more information than I.:D

Good luck.
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Thank you ahassan,
But do you think I can read Kaplan books, FA, Goljan, and HY + Qbanks in a matter of three months! That's impossible
I have good knowledge of basic sciences and I did a random Kaplan qbank block and I got 55% correct.
So what do you think
Do at least 500 questions from Kaplan Qbank, (read the explanations)
If you find yourself consistently making over 60% correct and you have no problem with concepts then it's probably safe for you to follow this approach.
However, if you did not meet these two criteria then I suggest you change your three months plan and get serious schedule to refresh your backgrounds just like what ahassan told you.
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If you MUST go through it in 3 months.. I suggest you go over First Aid book and do one of the q banks (I think Kaplan q bank is a better choice for you).

Nevertheless, you will have to read from wider sources to understand what's going on in biochemistry, embyology, biostatistics and immunology while reviewing them from first aid. You also have to do a lot of ethics and behavioral science questions, because these connot be just reviewed, you have to realize how questions are formed.

Ofcourse I suggest you give it another 1 or 2 months.
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