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Thousands are currently using the Rank Assist Feature:

After applying to programs and interviewing, creating your Rank Order List on NRMP® is the next step in the residency application process. But, which residency programs should you rank first and what factors should you consider as you make those important ranking decisions?

Rank Assist was created to help facilitate residency candidates in making their ranking decisions during the Rank Order List (ROL) creation period between mid-January and late February on NRMP®.

How to Use Rank Assist **No purchase required**

Step 1: Register or Log in to your Match A Resident Account
Step 2: In your Dashboard, click on the Rank Assist feature on the left-hand side
Step 3: Fill out the unique Rank Questionnaire and receive a score out of 10 for each residency program you interviewed with

With Rank Assist, you will be able to brainstorm your interview experiences and prepare your residency programs before certifying the final Rank Order List on NRMP.

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