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I've been receiving some email newsletter from
In their email today they mentioned this
"If a candidate did not match with a program after having it ranked - this is a clear indication that the program did not rank him. This means the program does not want to see this candidate under any circumstances. There is one exception though - applicants that were withdrawn from the match because of not satisfying NRMP's match criteria of having Step 1, 2 CK and 2CS passed. If one had an interview at a program, scored high and passed CS only after February 27, he will stand a great chance assuming the programs he interviewed with have unfilled positions"

Do you agree with that statement?

I think if you are not matched by a program that you have ranked it does mean entirely that the program does not want you. It might be that the program have ranked you but at the bottom of the list and you just didn't get the chance because others have taken.

So I think I can still reapply to that program in the scramble match.

Am I correct?
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