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Regarding J-1 Visa

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Suppose an individual is getting into an elective program or a research in USA while he is preparing for a residency, suppose in surgery, and that particular program requires J-1 visa, Will the limitations and drawbacks of this visa type remain even if I am done with elective/research program ?

The drawbacks like home return for 2 years, ex. like an elective at Univ. of South Alabama where they require a J-1 as an absolute requirement to do the elective, when will this visa status ends forever ? is it when I am done with program what ever it is ? Or is this true "Once J-1, will be J-1 forever" ? and you know that the later, if true, is bad since it will hinder the H-1b residency program process, won't it ?

Appreciate your help.:)
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I know people who have been able to switch form J1 to H1 Visa. But it's very difficult and you have to get the waiver I think.
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