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A 64 year-old obese man presents to the clinic for a routine check-up. He has type 2 diabetes for four years controlled by exercise, diet and a daily dose of glyburide with a stable hemoglobin A1c in the range of 6.4. Two weeks ago, he started to feel dizzy and his fasting blood sugar readings went up too though he followed his diet and exercise routine daily. His hemoglobin A1c now is 8.3.
What is the most appropriate next step in management for this patient?
A- Add another dose of glyburide before supper
B- Add metformin to the current dose of glyburide.
C- Discontinue glyburide and start metformin
D- Discontinue glyburide and start glipizide
E- Switch to insulin until his HbA1c goes down then stop insulin and resume glyburide
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