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Q-Which one of the following conditions most likely occurs during normal delivery when the shoulders of the baby are impacted behind the maternal bony pelvis?
A-Frozen shoulder
B-Rotator cuff tear
C-Shoulder dystocia

Q-Which one of the following nerves would be likely affected if a stab injury is established to the lower brachial plexus (C8-T1)?
A-Axillary nerve
B-Musculocutaneous nerve
C-Radial nerve
D-Ulnar nerve

Q-Megaloblastic anemia is caused by folic acid or Vitamin B12 deficiency. Which of these reactions is directly affected by vitamin B12 deficiency?
A-Malonyl CoA > palmitate
B-Methylmalonyl CoA > succinyl CoA
C-Propionyl CoA > Methylmalonyl CoA
D-Succinyl CoA > fumarate

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