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Q- Extrapyramidal side effects develop after the use of haloperidol due to its effect on which of the following receptors?
A- Alpha-adrenergic receptors
B- Dopamine receptors
C- Muscarinic receptors
D- Nicotinic receptors

Q- Which of the following is the main action of carbidopa when it is used in combination with levodopa in the management of Parkinsonism?
A- It increases the absorption of levodopa
B- It increases the permeability of blood-brain barrier to levodopa
C- It inhibits the conversion of levodopa to dopamine peripherally
D- It reduced levodopa side effects such as hypotension

Q- Which one of the following anti-hypertensive medications is contraindicated in pregnancy?
A- Labetalol
B- Methyldopa
C- Nifedipine
D- Ramipril

Answer and Explanation
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