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Q- You are the physician in charge of a nursing home where several patients develop influenza A symptoms. None of the residents received flu vaccine yet.
What is the best next step of action?
A- Administer flu vaccine to all residents
B- Administer flu vaccine plus oseltamivir for 2 weeks to all residents
C- Administer oseltamivir for 2 weeks to all residents
D- Treat only patients with oseltamivir until their symptoms subside

Q- A fireman presents to the ER with headache and dizziness after putting out a fire. Which of the following is the best first step of action?
A- Check carboxyhemoglobin level
B- Obtain CT scan of the head
C- Obtain EKG
D- Obtain MRI of the brain

Q- A 23-year-old nursing student presents with confusion, fatigue and sweating. Her blood sugar is 40 mg/dL. Lab tests show a high insulin level and a very low C peptide level. Which of the following is the most likely diagnosis?
A- Factitious hypoglycemia
B- Insulinoma
C- Reactive hypoglycemia
D- Pheochromocytoma

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