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Q- A-62- old woman presents to the ER in coma. Examination reveals temp of 90 F, pulse of 50, blood pressure of 100/60 and diffuse hyporeflexia. Thyroid gland is enlarged.
What is the best next step?
A- Begin intravenous fluids
B- Intravenous levothyroxine and glucocorticoid
C- Obtain T4 and TSH and wait for results
D- Rapid rewarming

Q- Which of the following is the LEAST factor can lead to urinary tract infection?
A- Diabetes mellitus
B- Pregnancy
C- Prolonged tetracycline therapy
D- Urinary tract obstruction

Q- Which of the following conditions is characterized by the presence of periventricular calcified densities on brain imaging?
A- Cytomegalovirus infection
B- Down syndrome
C- Huntington's disease
D- Toxoplasmosis

Answer and Explanation
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