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Q- Which of the following is a poor prognostic sign of acute pancreatitis a day after initiation of hydration and appropriate treatment?
A- Blood urea nitrogen (BUN) rises 6 mg/dL
B- Hematocrit drops by 4%
C- Random serum glucose of 70 mg/dL
D- Serum amylase of 900 IU/L

Q- A patient presents with itching on his arms and legs for 2 weeks. Erythematous plaques covered with silvery scale are seen on his legs and back of his arms. Which of the following treatment most likely improves this condition?
A- Oral acetaminophen
B- Oral amoxicillin
C- Topical betamethasone
D- Topical mupirocin

Q- A young boy presents with echolalia, frequent eye blinking, repetitive frowning and head shaking to the left. These movements subside when he answers the questions or clears his throat. Which of the following is the most likely diagnosis?
A- Epilepsy
B- Huntington disease
C- Parkinsonism
D- Tourette syndrome

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