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I had an invitation for IV at mount sinai, FM chicago on last week oct 7th. I tried to reach through email, 3 to 4 times no reply to email confirming my dates for IV. I tried to call every other day it goes to VM.

What should i do to reach them?

Any guidance please, as I am interested very much in that program.
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What number where you calling? did you call 773-257-6097?
I'd suggest you call this number 773-542-2000 and ask to speak to Dr. Ihab Aziz and tell them it's for urgent matters regarding an appointment, they'll at least let speak to the department's secretory.

What email did you send to? did you send to [email protected]

Did you leave a message in the voice mail?

Are you living far away from there?
Hi aviram

i tried to call the same number and also replied to the email which you have posted to lennetta brightnearly 2 times.

I have not still heard anything from her since oct 7th. dont know how to reach the program to get my dates scheduled for IV.
My girlfriend is having exactly the same problem as yours
I just talked to her today
She said that she received an email today confirming the IV

otherwise she was willing to travel from Seattle to them just to confirm !!
Be patient!

Try to contact via email ONLY! and then wait ...

Feel free to write or visit our website:

Email: [email protected]

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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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