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Research Electives or Clinical Electives??

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hey guys...i have this doubt constantly nagging at me day in and day out. im not really able to make a decision due to paucity of the correct facts..all i hear is just umm...hearsay stuff. so anyone experienced here and have done their electives and made it/or havent made it to their residency..please advise me on this matter. i mean i wanna take up neurosurgery ..i.e. first take surgery and then go on to specialize in keeping this in mind which electives is going to better my chances in getting matched in a surgery program?? research or clinic electives...or is there no such thing as to which is more prioritized?
and also a small question...but i guess it'll get a myriad tough is it to nail a residency in surgery for an img...i know all are gonna say its not impossible but its difficult...i mean can anyone really talk in numbers instead of just the gyan involved in of my fren got a score of 262 which apparently is very good one...and quiet a smart fellow at coll always bagging medals n stuff..he cudn't get a surgery match...he did his clinical electives in surgery in usa but still he was refused wat really are the chances to get surgery?? any img who got surgery and is moseying around in this site..please please....give us the message....or sandesh as we call it here... :)
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You can do it

To see which is more important research or externships to get a match have a look here

Generally, I think that research is more important if you are looking for university programs while externship is more needed for community based programs.

Here's some numbers of 2009 Match
For Categorical Surgery Programs 181 IMGs matched out of 1021 applicants.
For Preliminary Surgery Programs 221 IMS matched out of 781 applicants.

So you pretty good chances to put yourself into preliminary surgery and then you can apply for general surgery or even categorical neurosurgey the year after it.

I believe that there's nothing impossible in USA. If you want something you can do it but it takes efforts, pain, and years of hard work.
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High...just found this ultra useful forum and been reading around for like 3 h :))
Now i stumbled upon few threads for neurosurgery...and was wondering:can you first apply for surgery and later on specialise in neuro without having to go through the whole residency?can you apply in categorical neuro after a preliminary in surgery?or what would be the best course of action ...cause everybody seems to be implying that neurosurgery is absolutely impossible.
thanks a bunch!
You can't go to neurosurgery fellowship after surgery residency.

You can apply to categorical neurosurgery after a prelim surgery year but your chances are still very low even after the prelim.
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hey i have the exact same query as if u get some facts and get around someone who is doing surg there or applying for the same,,plz plz let me know...
hey guys.. i am about to give step 1 in order to take some USCE when should i apply for it, i mean how many months this procedure takes. and can't i get un paid USCE.

i have this doubt im not really able to make a decision due to paucity of the correct anyone experienced here and have done their electives .please advise me on this matter. i wanna do residency in orthopedics keeping this in mind which electives is going to better my chances in getting matched i?? research experience at some hospital or clinic observership/externship...

one more thing, how long before should i apply for observership/externship....or research work.
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