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I have difficulties to decide if applying for matching in 2012 or 2013. My history:
Gratuated in fall 2008 in Europe, then internal medicine residency in Europe till spring 2010. Independent: Unmarried and no children :eek:.
Step 1 Score with 222/95 in October 2010, CS in April 2011 and CK at the end of June 2011. All results should be ready till 1. September to apply for the match for 2012.

1. Problem: I got only 2 foreign LoRs, must find a third.
So I have fear that with my only average results from Step 1 and 2, it will be difficult to match for internal medicine without good Lors and without USCE.
From the post of StepTaker:"Should I accept a Prematch", I suggest that it would be the best to do Americlerkship in July 2011 after having finished my last exam and then to apply for match 2012, in the reason to have good US Lors and USCE with Hands-on Clinical expr..

2. Problem: Have not enough money to pay the clerkship. Even the interviews for the programs will cost a lot (I am coming from Germany).

I earned in 2009 about 20.000 dollars, but unfortunately I have to give 15.000 to my parents because they were in financial crisis, thats destiny. Now after having paid all exams I think I will max. keep 2.000 dollar at the end. I am working 2 day per week, but with more work I will not manage to do step 2 ( I am not a fast learner, for step 1 for e.g. I needed 6 months intensive learning). So my rescue plan is to go on working in European hospital from July 2011 to December 2011 and will earn about 13.000 dollars. Then with this money I can do americlerkship at the beginning of 2012, then apply for the match in 2013.

But in the post from conspicous ("Should I hurry up for 2012 or should I wait for 2013") Sabio explains that being old graduate can be more negative then having no US LoRs and USCE.

So now, what should I do, with only 2.000 dollar in my pocket, should I risk to try only 5 interviews now and hope for miracle to match them all, I think for more interviews I haven't enough money to travel. If I have bad chance I have to travel several times to USA for interviews.

Or should I wait one more year to have enough money, but to risk to be a 4-5 years graduate?
Therefore would 13.000 dollars be enough to do 20 weeks americlerkship (about 8000 dollars) + cost of living for 20 weeks?
Could I plan the clerkship till end of July and do in parallel the interviews in July for the matching in 2013, so I can saving the travel costs?

How expansive would be the cost living, when I took the absolutely necessary? (In luxemburg I was living in a 5 m2 chamber with no bed and no kitchen and one level over the maternity unit, it was hell, I suffered with all luxemburg womens who delivered a baby :eek:, yes I was living 1 year in a standby room, but costs was only 100 dollars per month (really expensive country). Before that I was living in the mountains, and was running every day 28 kilometers to hospital (thats why I was the only one who loved to do night-shifts, no need for running :rolleyes:), but cost only 50 dollars per month, perhaps I try next time to live in a cave in the forest, no cost ).

I planed all perfectly, but at the end I had to decide to help my family and to abandon my career, but I never regret. Now I have to reconsider how realistic are my chances with low budget. I excuse to bothering you with my problems and very looooooooong text. Thanks for your great job, we would all be doomed without your help, seriously.

Wish you all good holiday. (and a good time to all who have to work like me from Christmas till new year inclusive :notsure:)
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