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The purpose of this posting is to inform all of you eagerly anticipating the interview day. Our motive is to encourage and help you, not to make you nervous. So, please read carefully.

In the past, when the competition was not so bad, individual programs would pick the candidate based on the scores, experience, etc. However, things have changed, and you are no longer in such a comfortable, stable environment. The competition is fierce, the PDs want the best of the best. Therefore, they are going by a specific selection criteria to measure your skills and the knowledge. Those of you who may have interviewed so far might know what we are trying convey here, but majority of you are still expecting and anticipating the interview day, will soon find out, but by that time it might be too late. Unless you know someone who was interviewed at that program before you, but this is not possible, at least not for everyone for each and every interview.

Please do not go to interview unprepared. FMGs (especially), going to an interview unprepared is equivalent to not going at all.

We can not stress enough how important interview preparation is, unless you are a fresh graduate with triple 99, then you can pull it off without interview prep. But, those who have graduated a few years back and do not have nines in their scores, we are trying to inform you the importance of the interview preparation, thats all.

we are offering very minimal rates, exclusively for old grads, low scorers, and people with less than five interviews. We want to help you, but before that, you have to help us help you.

To learn more about our interview prep workshop, please visit or write:

Email: [email protected]

Our standard interview workshop rate is $250, but we are going to offer only $150 for first five individuals who will contact us through our website.

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