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High Yield Neuroanatomy 4ed.

This reading experience was quite controversial. Although it has very good reviews and this poll shows that it is highly used I had doubts when I ordered it. 160pages is definitely a suitable amount of text and as we have used less can be more.

It has own chapter for histology and embryology which is good. Then there is one chapter for cross-sectional anatomy and images. Those make very much sense because the nervous system is not so simple subject. I liked these pictures a lot. Other chapters seem to be quite much same as other books. Information was (I think) high-yield and text was very concise. For me it was little too concise and I did have feeling that more would have been better. Pictures were fine. Not great, but they were easy to understand.

Online question "bank" was good. although 50 questions doesn't seem to be a lot, but questions were quite difficult, but also highly reasonable. Qbank seemed to be the best part of the book.

All in all. 3/5 I would give and I have feeling that I need something extra for neuroanatomy.
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