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Netter's Clinical Anatomy 2nd Edition

488 pages. At the first sight this seems quite much for not particularly emphasized subject. Why I in the first hand bought this title was that I was used to Netter's artwork. And I must say that first time I enjoyed read anatomy textbook. If you look moore or gray you have thousand pages, so compared to them this was really "light" reading experience. At anatomy course we had Moore's Clinically oriented anatomy.

Book itself is organized into eight chapters: introduction, back, thorax, abdomen, pelvis and perineum, lower limb, upper limb, head and neck. Review question at the end of each chapters. Questions are good (plus) but they are not MCQ (minus). Acces to studentconsult where there suppose to be about hundred review questions (havenät done them yet). Chapter organization is quite good and they are 1 chapter per day lenght, head and neck part is little long for one day in my opinion.

Text is quite understandable and I would say quite high-yield. Pictures are very nice (big plus), but little bit too semi-high-yield (minus). Some of the pictures has the most important structures in bold font (plus). Tables are informative (too informative, small minus). The biggest plus in my opinion is that every chapter has embryology section with outstanding figures. After first reading BRS embryology I amazed how good the embryology pictures can be. And I think now I have quite thorough embryology review already done.

The text is suitable for them who want to have quite thorough anatomy review. For USMLE takers I would suggest for them who can let the semi-high-yield things off and take the needed information.

Overall 4/5 stars I would give and I would recommend this title.
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