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Hello - can we list the causes of ring enhancing lesions on a head CT for the USMLE? I have a couple but I'm wondering if my list is complete:

1) Toxplasmosis
2) Abcesses from some infection (can anyone name any causative organisms)?

I also have the following list but I'm not sure how accurate this is or how much of it we need to know... Any help would be appreciated:

  1. Primary brain tumor (glioblastoma)
  2. Metastasis (especially post chemotherapy)
  3. Abscess - ring is smooth and regular and usually thinner on the medial side
  4. In HIV most common are toxoplasma, crytococcus, and TB (Toxoplasmosis is most common)
  5. Multiple sclerosis
  6. Resolving hematoma (10-21 days)
  7. Tuberculoma
  8. Radiation necrosis
  9. Postoperative change
  10. Aneurysm
  11. Remember MR. PATHAM: Mets, Radiation necrosis, Primary brain tumor, Abscess, Tuberculoma, Hematoma, Aneurysm, MS
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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