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You have three types of RNA

  • rRNA (ribosomal RNA) is most abundant (R = Rampant)
  • tRNA (transfer RNA) is the smallest (T = Tiny)
  • mRNA (messenger RNA) the only translated RNA and is the longest one (M = Massive)

Three types (numbers) of RNA Polymerases which can be easily remembered by remembering the sequence of events

  • First you have to make the ribosomes so RNA Polymerase I makes rRNA in the nucleolus (all except, see below)
  • Second you have to transcribe the DNA message so RNA Polymerase II makes mRNA in the nucleoplasm.
  • Third you have to bring the amino acids for translation so RNA Polymerase III makes tRNA in the nucleoplasm.
The only exception is that RNA Polymerase III also makes the 5S rRNA.
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