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Rather confusing aren't they!
Sarcoma Botryoides also called embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma and is this name indicates it's a tumor of muscles of young famales (less than 5 year) and therefore it's positive for desmin and vimentin
It's grape like macroscopically and textbooks often show pictures of tumor risign out of the vagina but it can happen anywhere (USMLE often confuse us with other places, such as the neck or abdomen)
Microscopically and very characteristically it has cross strations (just like skeletal muscles) what's called strap and tad pole cells. Also Cambium layer which is a tendency to grow in a layer below the epithelial surface.

Cystasarcoma Phylloides is also seen in females but this time old ladies in their 50s and it's a form of malignant fibroadenoma with irregular borders and finger-like projections (that's why the name phylloides)
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