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scheduling permit for extended eligibility???

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I had extended (still in the process) my eligibility to Jan-Feb-March after receiving my scheduling permit.
So need I wait for a new schedule permit? or should I go ahead and schedule at the prometrics?
for the process of applying for extension I used IWA. r there any document verification required again? I hope some one would promptly answer my questions. it would partially relieve my anxiety. rest of the anxiety wuld disappear after USMLE step 1.

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Your should receive new scheduling permit

When you extend your eligibility period you should receive a new scheduling permit with new CIN and scheduling ID.
You can then use these new numbers at the Prometric website to choose a date in your new eligibility period.
When the new scheduling permit is available in your account the ECFMG will send you a notification email.

You don't need to re-verify your status or fill new forms for the purpose of extension unless your status changed from student to graduate.
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