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Further to the trick I explained here's more elaboration on how to get a very early appointment. But remember that once you get your early appointment you have to pay $150 to change it, so you must be sure that you are ready for tomorrow or for next week.

First have a look here;

Rectangle Font Parallel Technology Software

In that screen you can see that on the left you get to choose the center and on the right you see the monthly calendar. This web page is not static it's dynamic and so whenever you click on a center (or hit refresh in your browser) or click on a next or previous month, the appointments get updated.

When you click on a center name the system takes you to the nearest possible scheduling date for that center. So if you keep clicking on center names like changing from Phily to Chicago every minute you will see a change in the available seats. Keep in your mind that there are thousands of people logging in to that scheduling site every minute.

Early appointments (tomorrow or next week) will show up in the system for few minutes (and perhaps few seconds!) only and will disappear immediately as those thousands will immediately pick them up.

So you have to have some patience and you should allocate at least 3 to 5 hours of your time to do this. Sit in front of your computer screen and keep refreshing the pages and all of a sudden you'll an available date tomorrow or next week. Once you see that immediately click on it.

You can also increase your chances if you keep searching in all 5 centers instead of keeping your search in the center of your preference. I think that spending few bucks more on a domestic flight and a motel is far better than losing all "the money" by waiting another 2 to 3 months!

Good luck in getting an appointment
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