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For all the exams you have to schedule your exam date ahead
by going to Prometric Website or calling them
and for step 2 CS by logging to the USMLE or ECFMG website.

They always tell us that we should schedule the test well ahead before the exam (like for example one month), but we all know that's not practical at all as we never know when we are going to be ready (by acing the NBME for example, or by finishing our study plan with our CS partner) only perhaps a week or few days before the exam.

When go the scheduling website you'll most likely see that seats are occupied all for the next 2 to 3 weeks and perhaps for over two months specially in the case of CS.

So, we tend to schedule well ahead so that we make sure to have the seat, but there's a nice trick here.

You'll often find seat next week or even tomorrow!

Why? because many be people just drop out few days before their schedule as they just realized they are not ready.

So in most instances and almost all locations you can find yourself a seat within the next week or this week or even tomorrow.

Learn more details here

I personally scheduled my CK two days before the exam :D
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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