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Hey all,

I'm new here, but I have a question...

So I'm an MS-2 prepping for Step 1 in two weeks, and I'm trying to get a feel for where I'm at with prep for Step 1. I've been seeing a really positive trend in my NBME CBSSA practice tests (and the one UWSA I've taken), but don't know what to make of that trend or what to actually expect on test day. So I'm wondering if any post-Step 1 M-3s or anyone else had a similar experience and can shed some light on my situation.

Here's what I've got:

NBME 16 on 2/24 (school administered) - 192 (at this point I started my dedicated study)
NBME 17 on 3/7 - 226
NBME 15 on 3/15 - 232
NBME 12 on 3/26 - 241
UWSA 1 on 3/26 - 261
(I did UWSA and NBME 12 back to back on 3/26, with UWSA first)

Anyone else having/have an experience like this? Better question is do I trust the rise in my scores, or do I chalk that up to the fact that I'm doing older tests as I go along (which I only found out might actually be a factor about a week ago). Any thoughts or input would be appreciated.

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That's how it's supposed to go in the in the final two months of your prep.
Your scores are supposed to keep on increasing and your confidence is supposed to be building up.
Now, for how much you would get on an actual exam is by using the NBMEs and UWSA together and come up with the average and you'll be somewhere near to that average +- 5 or 10.

Good job and good scores
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