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Scored 380 in NBME

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I need urgent help, please.

It's 1:40 PM now I'm texting. i get some few minutes that i finish the NBME form 5, and I did very very very bad.
I got 380 = 196.

I have to take the step one in 3 weeks from now. I did the NBME online, standard-paced.

I don't want to just pass this exam.

I'm doing UW for second time, I have 65% right and I already completed 1000 questions of it.

I did Kaplan Qbank too and averaged 70%.

I had low in general principles of H & D, histology & cell biology
-borderline low in musculoskeletal, skin, connective tissue and in behavioral sciences, microbiology, biochemistry
-borderline high in physiology, nervous system, CV, reproductive system, pharmacology, pathology, and gross anatomy.
-I had high with 5 stars in :respiratory system, renal urinary, GI and nutrition.

Please tell what can I do to improve this.

I feel really bad but more than that i wanna fix what i must fix now.

or should I reschedule?
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I think you should reschedule if you want a higher score.

Go read First Aid from cover to cover and then again do questions and then do another NBME Form and see where you stand..
thank you mary,
i forgot that i can't change my date because i get my exam 3 days before the end of my eligibility period.
Then in that case, accept the score you are getting.
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