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Scored 380 in NBME

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I need urgent help, please.

It's 1:40 PM now I'm texting. i get some few minutes that i finish the NBME form 5, and I did very very very bad.
I got 380 = 196.

I have to take the step one in 3 weeks from now. I did the NBME online, standard-paced.

I don't want to just pass this exam.

I'm doing UW for second time, I have 65% right and I already completed 1000 questions of it.

I did Kaplan Qbank too and averaged 70%.

I had low in general principles of H & D, histology & cell biology
-borderline low in musculoskeletal, skin, connective tissue and in behavioral sciences, microbiology, biochemistry
-borderline high in physiology, nervous system, CV, reproductive system, pharmacology, pathology, and gross anatomy.
-I had high with 5 stars in :respiratory system, renal urinary, GI and nutrition.

Please tell what can I do to improve this.

I feel really bad but more than that i wanna fix what i must fix now.

or should I reschedule?
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I agree with heights. If you haven't extended your eligibility period once then its about $50 and if you have its $1000 or so to re-apply. I agree $1000 seems like alot right now but you don't want to regret it in the future when applying to residencies. Think about it in the long run and decide. Good luck and hope it all works out:)
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Hey drdor! I'm so glad its all sorted out for you now:)
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