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Separate section for Questions Posted on the forum.

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Hello to all members, especially the administrators.

We have been seeing many of our members have been posting questions from different sources along with some creating their own like Haisook, Mondoshawan, Aktorque and getting great discussions going on. This initiative is really brilliant and helpful. Now i am compelled to say that doing these questions along with study material is something of a definite bonus and fun along with knowledge gaining experience. However what is a let-down is that even if we go to search for these questions with key words, not every question comes up (I tried looking for some questions which were posted long time ago just to go through again but couldn't find them). Hence i am wondering if its possible for you to make a separate section where these questions can be posted so one can directly look at them and revise. You could try and keep it USMLE High Yield section all the questions so it will be one more addition along with bits and pieces, mnemonics, etc.

If anyone else agrees with my suggestion, please write down here so that the administrators can see it has some support and not just one-off voice.

Thanks and good luck to all. :)
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that's really a nice idea..i am in totally favour of it and it makes it lot more easy..!!:happy:
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my vote also goes in your favour. good idea.
Please use the tag system to find questions

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Thanking you all,

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