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1) the shorter the A2 Opening Snap duration the greater the the severity of stenosis?!
don't you people think that if severity is more, it will take more time for the mitral valve to open in diastole? and hence LONGER the opening snap ???

2) the greater the left atrial end diastolic press the lesser the severity of stenosis???
Isn't it like this that greater the severity, lesser blood will leave left atrium and greater the end daistolic left atrial press. ?

Please somebody explain these points........

thnx in advance................ :confused::eek:
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the more stenosed the valve is--> the greater the atrium pressure

I don't fully understand why a stenosed valve would instantly lead to greater atrium P, unless a longstanding stenosed valve had already caused the LA to enlarge due to increased volumetric stress from the stenosed valve previously opening later, and thus this remodeling leads to an earlier opening precisely because of the greater pressure exerted by the increased volume.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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