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Should I hurry up for 2012 or should I wait for 2013

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After lots of thinking posting the problem here
I am a permanent resident ,just came a month back here.
graduated in 2009
due to certain reasons i could not plan my usmle for match 2012 in proper way

Now extremely worried ,what to do i have not given any of STEPs but i m having family issues to give all steps before september and get entered in match 2012.i have not started preparing ,feeling really worried.
What s better for me
.. should i not take any risk and prepare well enough and apply for match 2013 with some USCE in the mean time??

Is it possible to get some internal medicine program with low score or with not very competitive score ,WILL being permanent resident help me in getting internal medicine residency with not very competitive scores ??

I have a fear that if i take risk and give step1 in april s end,step2ck in july end and step2 cs in AUGust ..i might end up in bad scores plus by this time i will not have any US clinical experience too that might not let me have some good residency slot?? it true its very jam packed kinda plan
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Respectfully, we will take a much more conservative approach, we work with quite a few applicants every year on their application and decisions they are faced with when it comes to time constraints. RULE OF THUMB DO NOT TAKE EXAMS WHEN YOU FEEL YOU ARE NOT READY!!! You can stay out a year and study and keep yourself clinically active. Applicants have put years into getting where they are if you feel you need more time take it!
The way we analyze this is simple we extract all the programs you qualify for based on year of graduation alone 3 year mark 4 year mark 5 year mark. We then pull progam qualification based on score deviations.. SCORES ARE MUCH MORE POWERFUL in these two points
2009 graduate you are under 5 year mark which is fine, true under 3 year mark is better but statistically not much of a difference the scores on the other hand will hurt you. After years of study you have a gut feeling what it is you need to perform well on your exam, do not ignore what this is on a major exam we are of the opinion if your taking the USMLE this is a big decision do not make a last second decision you may later regret.

Sit down write a time line, and STICK TO IT! Do not say can I get something like IM with a low score as you can see the hundreds of messages of people not getting interviews with higher scores, with organization smart decisions and careful analysis you will be fine! Listen to your GUT!

Good luck!

IMGPrep Team
i have my step 1 score 99/246..and about to give my cs by august 10th..the result will b availbbale by oct to nov..m confused if i shud apply for this years match or not ill b able to take my ck in nov earliest..i dun have ne usce but i recntly got into a residency programme in uae at a hospital managed by cleveland clinic..i was hopin tht workin there for a year might get me an lor from someone there n tht might help me to apply for 2013..i graduated in 2009...can u kindly guide me wat to do..shud i apply for 2012 match or wait for 2013"?
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