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Should I hurry up for 2012 or should I wait for 2013

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After lots of thinking posting the problem here
I am a permanent resident ,just came a month back here.
graduated in 2009
due to certain reasons i could not plan my usmle for match 2012 in proper way

Now extremely worried ,what to do i have not given any of STEPs but i m having family issues to give all steps before september and get entered in match 2012.i have not started preparing ,feeling really worried.
What s better for me
.. should i not take any risk and prepare well enough and apply for match 2013 with some USCE in the mean time??

Is it possible to get some internal medicine program with low score or with not very competitive score ,WILL being permanent resident help me in getting internal medicine residency with not very competitive scores ??

I have a fear that if i take risk and give step1 in april s end,step2ck in july end and step2 cs in AUGust ..i might end up in bad scores plus by this time i will not have any US clinical experience too that might not let me have some good residency slot?? it true its very jam packed kinda plan
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thank you sabio for quick reply.
my next apprehension is that the plan i wrote that to give some how step1 in april s end ,step2ck in july s end and step2cs in aug is good??..i mean application process and all other stuff will accommodate it
Does it seem realistic to have all of scores esp CS before sept end ?.As i am reading forum comments it seems that applying late decrease chances of getting matched a lot....
and what about the USCE u think its better to be newer graduate than to be older graduate with USCE.
could you plz suggest a time frame for me,for step1,2ck and cs.
now i get a feel that i can do it
what i meant was that what do u think that being an old graduate with USCE has good chances for MATCH or the one who is a bit newer with out USCE .

and u mean by this is that i dont need to have USCE at the time of application submission i.e by 1st september 2011 and doing USCE later will add that what u meant ??
thank you sabio ,for your continous reply ..its really great on ur part
still a confusion left,i.e if i do some USCE after sept ,it will no way added to my cv then whats the use of it except having a look on US health system.(which is cool thing to do but still what s the use of it ,if it has not to b counted at first place)

2ndly its there ANY poll kinda thing about this fresh with out USCE ..and OLD with USCE thing know what is better ...if its not ..a kinda poll b done on it ..(idea)
1 - 5 of 12 Posts
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