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If you have done FA cases in one way i.e. one case you are doctor and next case you are SP then I think it's better you switch roles and do those 31 cases again in the reverse manner.
I think FA practice cases are much better written than UWorld and repeating them is better.
If after finishing the reverse order you still have you may then do UWorld cases.

USMLE World CS Practice Cases are not good

UW practice cases are terrible and not useful at all.

  • no proper doorway information
  • incorrect differential in several cases
  • unmatching information between SP check list and PN
  • no mention of patient name
  • no or bad challenging questions
  • cannot print SP checklist and therefore you need laptop to practice
  • no extra features, like show anxiety, stain the skin, ...etc

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UW CS cases

I did UW and I really liked it. They have a list of standard cases and special situations.
They have also a lot of good guidelines.
Do it if you have time.
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