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Signature In Latin Characters in Form 186

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In the signature part of form 186 it request that the signature should be in latin characters, my signatures in many documents including my passport is a mix of latin and arabic characters, so my question is what is the right thing to do??? should I sign as I sign anything else or should I sign using a different signature that has only latin characters?? and should I write my name with the signature or just the signature??

Thanks for the help
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Change it to Latin characters

Most doctors in USA have signatures that simply mention their names in Latin characters with a little bit of stroke above or below.

The reason they do that is that most legal documents signed by doctors contain signature only and does not mention the name and that's why they want the signature to be indicative of the real name.

So I suggest you create a new Latin character signature and start using it from now on in all your US correspondence.

It's not going to make a problem for you if the signature is different from what you signed in your ID or any other document. (I called the ECFMG and specifically asked them about this).

So welcome to USA with your new Latin character signature :cool:
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