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My study partner lives in another state.

I want to buy either Kaplan or USMLE Weapon (TrueLearn) bank and do questions with him over the phone.

We already both have a subscription to UWorld but want to practice doing a block a night over Facetime/telephone

Is this even possible or will Kaplan/True Learn not allow simultaneously log in or even ban our accounts?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Once again this is not me trying to save money (already have a 6 month sub to USMLE Rx - almost done with it, and UWorld), it's more for reading along with the same questions.

Looked everywhere for potential PDFs for Kaplan but all the PDFs online are all 2012 and earlier. TrueLearn is no where to be found online.

Taking my step in December/January so time is of the essence
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