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Hello people!

I would like to start by saying I have no idea of what I need to do. NADA. And I need answers to questions that probably haven't been asked. . Hence I am posting my rant on the General forum.

I am an IMG. I'm a foreigner living in a foreign country- I don't want to go back to my home country, but I don't want to stay here either.I'm still doing internship. I plan to pass some sort of exam, and go somewhere, west or otherwise. That's all the concrete information I have now.

1- I need flexibility- I want to specialize in a board that is easily recognized by most countries. So I'll ask the stupid question: is a US degree going to be recognized everywhere? Now that every country is also hopping on their own-exam bandwagon, I actually don't know where I can practice with the minimum number of exams.Please, I need specific answers, as in what countries and what other things you might need, not "yeah duh everyone accepts US docs"

2-Initially I was very interested in surgery, but yeah, I've read a lot of posts and read some stories too. So actually, how bad is it? Also, how is it for the other semi-procedure oriented specialties (ER, obs/gyne.. okay nothing else comes to mind)

3-I really want to pursue an academic/research oriented career as well. I realized this during my internship. The "metro,boulot,dodo" life that I see my doctors have is depressing me. Of course I know I'll have to do 4 years of clinical work- but will I be able to go into academics/research later on? any specialties you can recommend?

4-See, the title of the post wasn't meant to poke fun or anything, I really mean it- everyone wants a good job to earn good money and have a nice life. but I'm interested in making contacts, creating something, doing something useful in medicine- and the US seems to be in the forefront for such things. So, does that still hold true?

I know some of the q's can be answered by some homework, but I want your input as well.O also know most of the questions here can only be answered by people already in the US- but I hope to get some idea nonetheless. I guess I sound very impractical and overly-optimistic, but, meh, that's me. If anyone could give some info, or add their questions, that would be very appreciated.

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