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Here are some interesting points from Genetics;

1) Normally no Thimine "T" in RNA but in one type of RNA atypical "T" base may be present and that is "Transfer RNA" (Note T for thimine & T for tRNA)

2) A DNA polymerase without proof reading ability = Reverse Transcriptase.

3) Reverse Trancriptase (RT) activity in Eukaryotes occurs at 2 places = Retrotransposons(R) & Telomerase(T)

4) All amino acids have more than one codons except 2, Methionine(AUG) & Tryptophan (UGG=Ugly Gossip Guy)

5) P=Polymerase & P=Phosphodiester (Polymerases make phosphodiester bonds btw nucleotides), whereas H = Helicases & H=Hydrogen bonds (Helicases break Hydrogen bonds btw bases)

6) Chloramphenicol is a bacterial protein synthesis inhibitor but also inhibits mitochondrial protein synthesis in eukaryotes because mitochondrial ribosomes in eukaryotes are like prokaryote ribosomes.

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