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Exam in a month. I've made an extensive uworld notes pdf from highlighted screenshots of the latest uworld and HY stuff from other qbanks, and typed up points as well.

Does anyone in or close to the Indian Standard time zone want to join me while I discuss these points one by one?

I could send sections of the pdf that we are discussing that day, and then we could go through them together.

I hope to get this done within 2-3 days, and hence looking for someone in my same or nearby timezone so that we could work the whole day on these with short breaks in between.

Prefer someone in the nbme 240 range like myself so that we could discuss, or even beginners who just want to listen and learn. thanks.

Punctuality, dedication and a willingness to learn is what I'm looking for since I like to teach. No moms please, since I'm tired of my sp's taking long breaks without letting me know in advance, and also cos its going to be difficult for you, since we will be studying the whole day. Time is crucial here. Please understand.

Add me in skype : julius.seizure1

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