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Standard Textbooks

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Will reading the standard or recommended textbooks during med school help towards USMLE? I am currently studying in India (2 years more left + internship). How can I prepare for step 1 now? Is the pretest series useful at this stage or should I prepare for USMLE following graduation and focus on the clinical aspects?
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When I read my assigned chapters for class, I would skim them once, then highlight them in yellow on my real read-through. Then I would go through with First Aid, and highlight in orange everything in First Aid. This helped me both at the time ("what do I need to really focus on and remember past the upcoming test?") and later now that I am adding into First Aid (a newer edition than I started with, but mostly the same stuff) and looking to my textbooks for deeper explanation.

Good luck!
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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