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starting with USMLE

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I'm really new to this forum. This is the first time I'm writing!!!
I joined this forum because I'm thinking seriously about taking tha USMLE exams. I'm a Greek medical student, in the third year and I'd like to be more informed about USMLE. When is the right time to take step 1 and what are the books that I have to read? I'd also like to know how much time I need for my preparation. As you see I know nothing. I've only just read some posts that suggest Kaplan's books.
So I really need your advice!!!
Thank you in advance!!
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Hi bavcathy,

Welcome to USMLE Forums :)

Third year medical students is the time to go for USMLE Step 1 and you should start preparing immediately.

There are a number of threads that can help you get started with USMLE Step 1;

Please feel free to ask if you still have concerns after reading those threads
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starting with usmle

thanks a lot sabio!!! Obviously I have a lot to think about and do in order to start preparing. I hope I manage it.
Thanks a lot!!!!
Do not be overwhelmed by the lots of info seen in the various threads of the forums

Start simply with Kaplan

See the video after each chapter

Start with physiology, as it's the easiest and the most engaging

Within few days you'll find yourself carried on and you'll start to understand all the threads in this forum

I had the same problem when I started preparing for my step 1, I face difficulty initiating the journey but once I started it was flowing and nobody can stop you thereafter

Good luck my friend
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